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As a DJ, one of the most important skills that you can have is matching beats.  There's nothing quite so bad as a DJ who thinks that they know how to match beats but really doesn't, leaving their audience in an agonized huddle of people being subjected to clashing cacophonous rhythms.  On the other hand, a DJ who really does know how to mix beats will become a sure hit with any audience.  If you don't have a perfect sense of rhythm, don't worry.  There are ways to make sure that you are doing the beats correctly, and one of them is DJ headphones.

Discretion is the better part of valor, they say.  Along that same line, it's far better to make your crowd wait a bit for your beat to get thrown in than to risk throwing in a beat that's going to make an angry crowd.  Listening to the beat mix, after getting your starting timing right, is mandatory (and your DJ headphones can also help you get that starting timing right).  Listen and learn, evaluate and experiment, and then unleash it on your audience. [More on DJ headphones]

Turntables & Computer DJ gear

Thanks to a lot of the computer DJ gear that's come out over the last decade, a computer is now one of the DJ's best friends.  Very few vinyl turntables exist, and though their retro sound and classic feel shouldn't be put aside lightly, the digital alternatives offer significant advantages.

Take the Denon DN series, for example.  This hardware interacts with any MIDI files, not only giving you the chance to mix the files as they stand, but to divide and map out the different sections of the file that you map.  Compatible with all the most popular software for your computer, the Denon DN series allows for maximum flexibility in editing and interacting with MIDI files.  Beyond MIDI files, you can use CDs and MP3s, controlling and mapping these files with ease.  Allowing you to use multiple pieces of software, dual-decks, or other similar things, this piece of computer DJ gear is absolutely phenomenal.  Some versions in the series also have integrated hard drives, sizing at 40 gigs and above. [More on Top Computer DJ Gear]      Add to Delicious Bookmark DJ Equipment Direct at